The Young Aviators are part of the Mile High EAA Chapter 43, a non-profit organization.



Our Chapter's Mentors

Scott Serani
Co-founder and Mentor

Mr. Scott Serani holds dual degrees from the University of Dayton in Business and Computer Science. Scott’s has spent the last 25 years working in the field of security system design and administration. He has six patents on hardware and software to manage mechanical locks for clients, regardless of the business’ keyed environment’s complexity.

Passion for aviation has led Mr. Serani to serve as the EAA Chapter 43’s president, volunteer in the EAA Young Eagles program, and volunteer to work with children at air shows, including KidVenture in Oshkosh, WI. Scott and his son Eric, co-founder, built a Vans RV10 when Eric was 17. The project took them 2 years and he describes it as “the best bonding experience a father and son could possibly script – we are best friends”.

Eric Serani
Co-founder and 3D CAD Mentor

Eric Serani holds a Masters Degree in Aerospace Engineering from CU Boulder where he was recognized as the Distinguished Senior of Aerospace Department. He left Broomfield High School as the Valedictorian and having been recognized at The Denver Post’s “Top Kid”. His engineering experience includes serving as a Configuration Design Engineer for Boeing’s 737 MAX.

Eric also has an entrepreneurial drive that has taken him through a couple of startup companies: One that designed and flew a hybrid gas-electric UAV engine, and another that designed and built the world’s most power dense alternators. Today, together with two of his aviation buddies, Eric owns and operates an aviation-themed brewery in Denver called FlyteCo Brewing.

Eric has volunteered for many years in the aviation community. He flies the RV10 he built with his dad for the monthly Young Eagles Rally sharing his knowledge from his many pilot certifications with kids who want to be pilots!

Patricia (Pat) Miller
Co-Founder and Events Coordinator

Lynn Miller
Mentor – Trailer Team ​

Pat became interested in aviation through her husband. When Chapter 43 asked for a volunteer to head up the Young Aviators, Pat’s hand went up! She doesn’t have a pilot’s license yet, but has soloed.

Politics were Pat’s passion and she served in the Colorado Legislature in the 90’s. She has authored six books and remains active in the community.

Pat and Lynn attended high school together in Washburn, IL. After graduation, Mr. Miller graduated from a 4 year millwright apprenticeship course at Caterpillar Tractor Company. He then was a millwright journeyman at Cat for 2 years, before he and Pat moved to Colorado.

In Colorado, Lynn worked for Coors Brewery for 33 years as an industrial electrician/mechanic in elevator maintenance. He tells people he rescued folks out of elevators for a living and then fixed them, either the people or the elevator, whichever needed fixing the most.

Lynn retired from Coors 9 years ago and now works part-time inspecting elevators along the front range of Colorado. He learned to fly 46 years ago at Marshall County Airport, in Lacon, Illinois. He then got his instrument rating 36 years later in a Piper Cherokee 235.

He and Pat built a Rutan Vari-Eze when Burt Rutan first came out with the plans. The first weekend the plans became available, he was in Mohave with 100 other folks buying them. The aircraft took 5 years and 9 months to build, but who was counting. Burt Rutan is his hero in the aviation field.

Lynn has attended Oshkosh 23 different years. The last 4 years he has volunteered at KidVenture helping young folks build wing ribs. Lynn has served as the treasurer and vice president for EAA Chapter 43. Presently, Lynn is the chairman of the scholarship committee for EAA Chapter 43 and is also on the Board of Directors for the chapter.

Scott and Trice McEwen
Design Engineer & Hosts

Mr. Scott McEwen holds a B.S. from Valdosta State College in Applied Math with a Computer Science emphasis. He retired from the U.S. Geological Survey after 30 years and is currently performing various forms of contract work, although he spends the majority of his time as a volunteer. Trice is on her 31st year at U.S. Bank and is currently a telecommunications specialist.

Scott and his wife, Patrice (“Trice”), volunteer for various aviation and robotics organizations. Scott is the Design Engineer for the Young Aviators B-25 Project. He and Trice provide their hangar and home for B-25 Project. In addition, Scott is President of the Antique Airplane Association of Colorado. He is the coordinator for static aircraft displays and youth activities for the Erie Air Fair. Scott serves in numerous capacities for Rocky Mountain BEST Robotics. Trice also volunteers for Colorado’s Special Olympics.

Together, Scott and Trice use their time and resources to provide students of all ages with hands-on opportunities to explore their interests in STEM, enabling these students to make informed decisions about their education and careers.

Mr. Wayne Gibson
Mentor for Electronics, Software, Aeronautical Engineering

Mr. Gibson holds a B.S. Electrical Engineering degree from University of Maryland, an M.S. Computer Science and MBA degrees from University of Texas. In addition, Mr. Gibson received training in Aeronautical Engineering from TU Delft (a sister school to University of Texas).

Mr. Gibson is directing the design and construction of the main instrument panel for the B25-J project, which includes the technologies of 3D CAD modeling and 3D printed components.

Mr. Gibson also builds and flies R/C airplanes with his son, Edward. They have recently embarked on building a Zenith 650.

Dale & Carol Serani

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Cliff Goldstein

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Fredy Tello

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