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Please start by filling out and submitting the web form below. Once received, we will be in contact! If you have any questions, you are more than welcome to email us directly via

In addition to submitting the form below, please be sure to print THIS CONSENT FORM and bring it with you (filled out) to your first meeting.

IMPORTANT: If you’re interested in volunteering instead of enrolling a child into Young Aviators, please get in touch via our Contact Page so that we may discuss your interest.

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    Please share some additional information:
  • As a Young Aviator, you will need to attend regular meetings, keep a journal of your experiences, volunteer at events where the YA’s are displaying projects, and write articles about field trips you participate in for the website (and send a thank you note to our hosts).
  • For Parents

  • As the parent of a Young Aviator, we hope you will support the group with your time and talents. We would love to see your child flourish and ask you to support them with their journals, commitment, participation, and writings. We know that parent volunteers are the foundation of successful youth groups.