The Young Aviators are part of the Mile High EAA Chapter 43, a non-profit organization.

Frequently Asked Questions


Answering commonly asked questions!

If by chance your question is not answered below, you are welcome to get in touch with us via our Contact Page or by emailing us directly at


We are a group of kids and adults who love aviation! Our focus is to expose kids and young adults to as many aspects of aviation as possible (piloting, mechanical, career development) by way of twice a month meetings (speakers, site visits, field trips, etc.).

There is a brief information form that we would like to have so that we can get the updates emailed and contact you by phone if needed. Please also complete the general release listed on our Join Young Aviators page.

You can see our past and ongoing aviation-related projects on this website.

Our focus this 2023/2024 session is on education of any and all things aviation related. Numerous subjects on piloting, aircraft, avionics, careers, tech schools, etc. are presented in a variety of forums (meeting rooms, site visits, field trips, visiting speakers, etc.).

From time to time, we schedule field trips as the opportunities arise and notify our families via email (MemberPlanet). Some of those field trips require specialized RSVP’s. We will use our MemberPlanet communications vehicle to convey relevant RSVP information when needed.

Upcoming meetings and events are also posted on our site.

Our aviators range from ages 12-108! We do occasionally have requests from families whose kids are younger but passionate about aviation and/or have older siblings in the YA group. We will consider this case by case. The activities and projects are geared for kids 12+. If you do have a Young(er) Young Aviator, we will consider letting them attend meetings if accompanied by and adult.

At the current time, there are no mandatory annual dues.  To hopefully maintain that position, we rely on three basic things:

First – Donations. If you have the ability to donate to the YA group, you can do that online. We are associated with the EAA Mile High Chapter 43 which is a 501(c)3 non-profit. Your receipt will automatically be emailed to you to retain for tax purposes.  The club has incidental expenses associated with the program and any donation more than actual expenses will be moved to EAA 43’s Pilot Training Scholarship Program.  We would suggest that the targeted donation is $50 per semester per member. 

Second – Commitment. Not only do the youth need to be committed to their project and their team, but we also need parent involvement. Fundraising, communication, mentoring our youth leadership, coordinating field trips, planning work sessions (you would be surprised what happens before the kids show up so that they have projects to work on), managing our budge. These things cannot happen without the families.

While we don’t have attendance requirements, the YA Mentors are striving to teach life and leadership skills. During our monthly meetings, there are many opportunities for the kids to work on public speaking, teaching peers, task planning and discipline, goal setting, and team commitment. It is a foundation we believe in strongly and ask for your support to attend meetings as regularly as possible.

Kids are strongly urged to establish a journal and bring it to each gathering of Young Aviators.  Those journals are the most effective means to document information they garnered in a meeting.

Finally – Volunteering.  From time to time, we schedule volunteering opportunities for the group to be involved in (ground support at Young Eagles rallies, airshows, fund raising efforts, etc.).  Documented volunteering hours often weigh heavily in their educational pursuits – we urge participation by all.

We strongly encourage the kids to keep track of the things that they learn and do with the Young Aviators. Each meeting, field trip, site visit is filled with new information they are encouraged to record.  Every volunteer scenario they participate in counts toward their volunteer hours often mandated by various honor societies and school endeavors.  Those journals aid them in recording such activities.

Send in your info and release and join us at a meeting. It’s as simple as that. We are super friendly and recognize new faces right away. When we first meet you, we’ll ask you to tell the group a little about yourself and your interest in aviation.

The 2023/2024 season will have us primarily based out of Rocky Mountain Metropolitan Airport in the Mt. Evans Room (2nd floor of the main terminal building).  Various alterations to that meeting place (for site visits, field trips, etc.) will be relayed on the events calendar when available and certainly communicated in more detail (email via MemberPlanet) as the date gets closer.

We meet twice each month (2nd and 4th Saturdays) from 1-4pm.  The 2nd Saturday meeting almost always starts at 1pm and meets in the Mt. Evans Room at RMMA.  The 4th Saturday meeting is mostly for field trips and site visits which may alter starting times and meeting sites – details of these changes will be communicated via email ahead of time.

We do ask that promptness be in play for meetings and gatherings.

If you would like a YA shirt, sweatshirt, hat, or bag, please check out our inventory and pricing on this website (see YA Gear). We do one gear order per year in the spring if demand requires but we can only sell from our existing inventory throughout the year. Email if you would like something we have in stock and we will bring it to the next meeting. Cash payment, please.