Scratch Built Gliders & RC aircraft

The 2021-2022 YA year was spent crawling out of pandemic restrictions and focused on building and flying gliders and RC aircraft. We learned about aircraft flight dynamics through test flying the aircraft. We found that flying RC aircraft is a bit of a steep learning curve and crashed many planes along the way!

RV-14 Construction

The current project for Young Aviators (starting in the the 2022-2023 year and likely beyond) is to work on the construction of a full sized aircraft—a Vans RV-14. Young Aviators purchased a partially completed RV-14 from a chapter member that was about halfway finished. Our goal will be to take this project from its current state through certification, flight testing, painting, and ultimate sale. All this is targeted to be completed in the next 12-18 months. This will allow YA members to see a plane go together before their very eyes.

Our “B-25” Journey

The Young Aviator’s B-25J Mitchell Bomber is a scratch-built static replica of the real B-25J bomber, used in World War II. It is built of aircraft-grade aluminum alloy sheet, fastened together with “bucked” rivets, just like “Rosie The Riveter” built warbirds of the 1940’s.