The Young Aviators are part of the Mile High EAA Chapter 43, a non-profit organization.

2019/2020 Young Aviators Programs

In years past, our YA programs would get started, teams would be assembled, and then those programs moved along as a single project making it difficult to assimilate newcomers into the programs and to keep teams on the same page as members’ schedules might preclude attending for a meeting or two.

This year, it is all about flying, and our Program is being orchestrated to accommodate a YA’s availability and allow them to progress as their schedules and interest levels permit.

The 2019-2020 YA Programs will include:

Drone Program – kids will be taught how to fly drones along with all the rules and regulations, airspace geography, communications etc. It will be an ongoing program where kids move through various phases of competency as they complete certain elements.

ICAN Program – a more formal version of the program we started a few years ago – a training endeavor for those wanting to learn the Ground School portion of pilot training.

B25 Maintenance & Upgrades – for the hands-on type kids, we always have the ongoing tweaks and upgrades to the B25 that will be headed by Fredy Tello this year. He is always looking for his group of kids who want to use tools and learn techniques that progress the functions of the B25.

Speakers & Field Trips – our hope is to attempt to line up at least 1 speaker and/or field trip per quarter. They will be announced as they are lined up.

Parades & Special Events – there will be three or four of our regular parades on deck for the next year as well as special appearances like STEM events and of course Oshkosh KidVenture where we take the B25 in all its glory and show the world what we built.

Mentoring Program – we are working more cohesively this year with EAA Chapter 43 in an attempt to pair up one-on-one interested kids with seasoned pilots to go flying on a regular basis and to learn what it is all about to maintain an aircraft.